Scope of Care

Medevac Alabama provides medical transport at the ALS level, utilizing nationally registered and state certified Paramedics and EMTs. Medevac Alabama teams are trained and certified in Advanced Medical Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, as well as Basic Life Support. Medevac Alabama teams are fully capable of both initiating and continuing a high level of medical care from point of access through definitive care.


BLS Ambulance: A BLS crew with two EMT’s capable of handling basic life support emergencies.

ALS Ambulance: An ALS crew consists of one paramedic and one EMT. They are capable of handling advanced life support emergencies.

ACLS Care: A set of clinical guidelines for the urgent and emergent treatment of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions that will cause or have caused cardiac arrest

Areas of Care

  • Emergent/Non-Emergent Response with 24/7/365 Dispatch

  • ACLS Care

  • ALS and BLS Care

  • Stroke Management

  • Major Trauma, Spinal Injuries, Orthopedic Care

  • Ventilator Support, Sedation

  • Bariatric Transport

  • Infectious Disease Transport

  • Palliative Care

  • Continuation of Care

  • Air Ambulance

  • Standby Events

    • Dedicated Standby: An ALS or BLS ambulance that is committed to your event and will not leave to handle other emergencies.

      • BLS Ambulance (Transport-Ready): $400/3 hours. $125 for each additional hour.

      • ALS Ambulance (Transport-Ready): $500/3 hours. $150 for each additional hour.

      • Single EMT (Non-Transport): $150/3 hours. $40 for each additional hour.

      • Single Paramedic (Non-Transport): $200/3 hours. $60 for each additional hour.

    • Non-Dedicated Standby: An ALS or BLS ambulance that will standby at the event. They remain "on call" for other events and may be pulled away at any time. They will return if time permits.

      • Performed as a courtesy service.